Top 8 Motivational Speakers Of All Time

Motivational speakers are powerful. They have the power to understand you and know what truly motivates you. They have the ability to empower you to take the necessary steps to fulfill your dreams. Click here motivational-speaker-success to know more knowledge of Motivational speakers. They pump you up and give you enough hope and confidence to believe that it is possible for you to live the life that you have always been dreaming of.

Well, here are the top 8 best motivational speakers of all time:

1. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is no doubt one of the most powerful motivational speaker today. Like most speakers, Eric has a great story to tell. He was homeless and poor at one point in his life. He was also struggling in school. But, he has risen above all that and became a minister, author, and a powerful inspirational speaker. Eric has a strong stage presence and a powerful voice that can move you. He’ll make you feel like you can do anything. He’ll make you feel like everything is possible. He creates this fire within you that will inspire you to take action to make your dreams come true.

2. Les Brown

Keynote speakerLes Brown’s story is very inspiring and interesting. Les Brown is a radio DJ, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and former congressman. He was born in a poor family in Miami. Because his family was too poor, he was given up for adoption and was adopted by a single woman named Mamie Brown. When he was a child, he was declared “mentally retarded”. This leads to self-esteem problems. But, with the help if his mother, he was able to fulfill his potential and became a radio DJ.

Les Brown delivers powerful speeches about self-esteem. He helps strengthen your belief in yourself. He makes you feel like anything is possible. He even coined the phrase “It’s possible!”.

3. Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is one of the best motivational speakers today. His story is touching and inspiring. Nick is a symbol of hope. In fact, many people who are about to commit suicide were saved by his motivational videos. Nick was born with no legs and arms and yet, you can see the happiness in his eyes. Nick also has a great sense of humor that keeps his audience’ interest. He loves to poke fun at himself. Although, he delivers strong and powerful messages, he keeps his speeches light and fun.

4. Zig Ziglar

Motivational SpeakerZig Ziglar has already passed away, but it is no doubt that he is one of the most talented and powerful inspirational speakers of all time. He is known as the world’s greatest salesman. Zig is a fantastic motivational speaker and a talented writer. His books are mostly on the bestseller’s list. These books were translated to different languages. Zig has a great sense of humor and he has great stories.

5. Jack Canfield

Jack co-authored the bestseller book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. He was a high school teacher, but he found great success in writing and motivational speaking.

6. Chris Gardner

Have you seen the inspirational Will Smith movie called “The Pursuit of Happyness”? Well, it’s about Chris Gardner.

Chris Gardner is inspiring. He was broke and hopeless at some point of his life. But, he was able to start his own stock brokerage firm. He then became a multi-millionaire. His story is a classic rags to riches tale.

7. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy does not have a strong, loud, and powerful voice, but he delivers great messages. He specializes in personal development and career advancement. Brian is credible, reputable, and charming. He is definitely one of the best motivational speakers in the world today.

8. Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker who has recently started a career in motivational speaking. Lewis is inspiring because he is considered to be one of the best middle linebacker sin the history of the NFL. He also won the “defensive player of the year” twice. He is also the second linebacker to win the Super Bowl MVP award.

But, Ray Lewis was not always successful. This is the reason why he is truly inspiring. Ray has a tough childhood. He was jailed at a young age and got involved with drugs. He may not be the best or the most popular inspirational speaker, but he has a strong presence and his story is truly moving. His story makes you believe that people who have a rough and dirty past can make something out of themselves.

So, if you’re feeling down and low, you can attend the seminars of these great motivational speakers. But, if you do not have the resources to do that, you can always check their speeches on YouTube.

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